Michael Turner

Independent STO Consultant & Global Maintenance Expert

9:00 AM IoT in real-time monitoring and sensing for smoothening maintenance activities

  • Deploying sensors across equipment to process real-time data for temperature, flow and density to ensure timely maintenance
  • Using stored and real-time data in identifying accident frequency and repeated failures of critical and static equipment
  • Deploying teams to tackle failures of specific equipment using sensors and the data generated to avoid failures caused by delayed maintenance

12:20 PM Embracing digital technologies to drive reliability and performance improvement in operations and achieve excellence

With technology advancing on a rapid pace, there has been a significant shift to digital technologies in the recent time. Oil and gas operators however have just recently started to embrace the potential of digital technologies.
In the oil and gas industry, maintenance is yet to fully exploit the potential that these digital technologies can bring to their operations. The concepts of IoT, big data, and more have substantial scope for maintenance professionals, waiting to be fully utilised and implemented. Attend this workshop to:

  • Discover the scope of digital technologies to drive excellence in maintenance strategies
  • Step-by-step approach in formulating a competent strategy to fully exploit the potential of digital technologies
  • Understand the activities where digital technologies including big data analytics and IoT are used and its benefits

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